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1.9 Million Bell subscriber records stolen

Are you a Bell subscriber?  There's a good chance your information has been stolen by a recent hack.  link

Be sure to change your passwords for your email, internet, and phone accounts (and of course anywhere that uses the same passwords).

Update Your Windows

There is a ransomware raging across the globe currently, known as some variant of WannaCry, using an NSA exploit to infect Windows computers.  This particular exploit was patched in March so if you have Windows updates pending, make sure to get them installed or you might just have to pay to recover your data.  link

HP is Listening

Got an HP laptop with Conexant audio drivers?  It may have been silently logging every keystroke, writing to a file, and publishing that via a network accessible API.  link .

Google Reinvents Toronto

Google, specifically Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs, is trying to reinvent Toronto "from the Internet up".  They're securing a 12-acre area downtown as part of the 2000 acres owned by "Waterfront Toronto".  link

Sidewalk Labs is best known for their ad-supported wifi kiosks in New York.  I wonder what they're planning for Toronto.

E.Coli at worst ever levels in Lake Ontario

Heavy rain sweeping sewage into Lake Ontario has put E.Coli levels at record high.  link

Google Malware

Don't open an emailed link to a google doc unless you're expecting it: link

It's an Archaic System

Trump doesn't like the checks and balances built in to the Constitution.  link . "It's a really bad thing for the country," he said.

What Could Go Wrong?

Amazon has a new virtual assistant - Amazon Echo Look.  link

Even the intro video shows it's a device designed to watch you undress and constantly upload images to the internet!

Trudeau's Corporate Welfare

Justin Trudeau's "Infrastructure Bank" is a corporate welfare scheme that will cost Canadians an extra 9 billion dollars a year and
make global investment fund agencies richer. link

Microsoft is Watching

Ever wonder what Windows 10 is sending back to Microsoft?  Here's the complete list: link

Basically, every application on your system, when you run it, how long you run it, when it's in the foreground vs background, every device (mouse, printer, USB key) connected, and that's just the BASIC tracking which you can't disable.

Rabid Ontario

Ontario had an 80% increase in the number of rabies cases in 2016. linklink  The ongoing outbreak has a very wide range with racoons testing postive in Hamilton as well as London and to cattle in Listowel testing positive. link In April, MNRF will begin bait dropping in hotspot areas. link

ISPs are watching

The US Senate just voted to give ISPs (Internet Service Providers) the rights to inspect the data travelling to and from their customers.  link

Previously ISPs had a relationship to your data akin to a postal worker and your mail.  They just carry it.  They aren't expected to know what's inside.  Now that's changing and ISPs need to pry into your online habits to know how to target your advertisements and sell your profile to marketers.  Hope you aren't doing anything you'd be embarrassed by!

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