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New Solar Cell Uses CO2

Scientists at University of Illinois have created a new solar cell that produces energy from sunlight and CO2.  Like plants, this is a form of photosynthesis.  Unlike plants, this solar cell produces a fuel called "syngas" which can be burned directly or converted into something like diesel.  This means no more need for batteries!  Potentially solar farms of this type could put fossil fuels out of business.  link

Microsoft Squeezing Steam

According to an article on PC Gamer, Microsoft is planning to slowly and deliberately squeeze Steam off their platform.  With the introduction of UWP (Universal Windows Platform), Microsoft could just obsolete any software not bought from their own Store overnight.  Of course that would incite public outrage, so instead they will quietly release patches to make Steam flaky and unreliable, essentially pulling the rug out from under their competitor.  Users (in theory) would migrate to the more stable Microsoft Store.  link

Sounds like a conspiracy theory doesn't it?  Sadly it wouldn't be the first time Microsoft has used this tactic.  link

Microsoft sees the success Steam has had, now they want users to buy from their store instead of Valve's.  As long as they control the OS, they don't have to make their product better to compete.  They just have to degrade the competition.  This is one of the reasons Valve released SteamOS, so they'll always have an open platform to run Steam on.  Here's how you can install SteamOS on your gaming PC: link

How Bernie Never Stood a Chance

20,000 emails from DNC (Democratic National Committee) officials, shared by Wikileaks this week, show how at every turn the Primary was rigged against Bernie.  Are you ready for Hillary?  link

Bernie wasn't just fighting against Hillary, but literally the whole process.  His supporters were being labelled as cry babies by the establishment to cover the fact that they were actually being cheated.  Whether it was directing all the DNC funding towards Hillary, declaring super delegate support before they vote next week, releasing negative PR against Bernie and positive spin for Hillary, or outright rigging the elections in certain states, the DNC did its best to corrupt the process in favour of their pre-selected nominee.

This is serious, because this is their process.  The parties have chosen to let the people have a voice, but clearly don't like what the people have to say.  The Republicans have to swallow a bitter pill with Trump, because they couldn't get their act as together as the DNC and fix it for their preferred delegate.  Sadly this makes the RNC more democratic than the DNC!

If Americans are so willing to subvert the election for presidential candidates, what are they willing to do in the general election?

Sharing Netflix is a Crime

In the US, a ninth circuit court recently ruled that sharing your Netflix password is a federal crime.  link

No the case wasn't specifically about Netflix.  It was about a former employee of some company using the password of an existing employee to gain access to company information.  But that ruling sets precedence and means that sharing your password is now a criminal offense!

Judge Rules Internet Negates Privacy

A federal judge in Virginia recently ruled that any computer connected to the internet should be considered public, and that the user can have no expectation of privacy even if they go through the trouble of hiding their location and anonymizing their traffic.  The reason?  Because any computer is hackable.  link


That's like saying Home Invasion isn't a problem because no house is impenetrable.  Well, in this case it was a warrant-less FBI search of the defendants computer, so I guess a closer analogy is permitting warrant-less police raids.

Impossible Burger

Veggie burgers generally fail in every respect.  They're not appetizing to vegetarians, nor carnivores.  They don't cook right on a BBQ, and taste even worse fried.  Basically, they're a stop gap for someone who wants a real burger, but can't have one.

Until now!

Impossible Foods has invented a ground beef patty that is bloody and red when raw, browns and firms up when cooked, and is 100% plant based.  They say it tastes and smells indistinguishable from real meat, but many veggie options have made the same claim.  I'll have to eat it to believe it, but I give it good odds.  They're throwing science at this problem, and figuring out what makes meaty burgers so damn good, then replicating that.  Much better than just mashing up random vegetables hoping for something approaching a meat patty.  link

Walmart Dropping VISA

Walmart feels VISA is making too much money off customer purchases.  Starting July 18th, the retail giant will stop accepting VISA cards across Canada.  It won't happen at every story immediately, but that's when it starts.  link

Change your Twitter password

Over 32 Million Twitter passwords may have been leaked: link

Change your LinkedIn passwords

117 Million passwords have been leaked from LinkedIn.  Change your password, and any account for other services that use the same password.  link

Free Windows 10 Upgrades End July 30

Just a reminder to anyone who hasn't upgraded to Windows 10 yet, it ceases to be free come July 30th.  After that it will cost around $120 US to make the move.  link

Although I personally am not a fan of Windows, I will say Windows 10 is by far their best version yet.  It's tighter and faster than Windows 7, and not horribly different to use.  Yes there's a lot I don't like about it too, but if you want a decent supported version of Windows, now is the time to upgrade.

Basic Income Guarantee in Canada

The Ontario government of Canada has budgeted to pilot Basic Income somewhere in the province this year.  link

Basic Income is not a new concept, but it's a controversial one.  It guarantees a minimum level of income for every citizen.  If you don't earn the minimum, the government tops you up to that level.  Many economists believe that this method of welfare support is an easier, cheaper, and more dignified approach than what we currently use.

This is not our first experiment with Basic Income.  For the five years between 1974 and 1979 Dauphin, Manitoba was using Basic Income.  It was apparently a success, and the people didn't stop working to get a free hand out.  In fact, it eliminated poverty and helped those at the bottom achieve a decent standard of living.  link

This idea is gaining traction in many other countries as well, even the good old U.S. of A.  link

Facebook App Drains Battery

Do you have the Facebook app installed on your portable device?  It could be costing you up to 1/5th of your battery life.  link

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