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June 22, 2012, 6:32pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

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So I went to the Rabbid Fox (their spelling, not mine) today for lunch.  For those who don't know, this is located in the old Botulism Shrine formerlly known as Bogey's Grill.  The interior ain't changed too much, but when it comes to restaurants, that isn't exactly uncommon.  The menu is still realtively standard bar food - enough to provide a nice variety without covering the whole gamut with so much you could never decide.  In any case, I was being treated to a post-father's day lunch by my mom and we decided to try the place out.

My mom got the brushetta and I ordered a burger and soup of the day (yes it was hot as hell out today, but I love potato and leek soup and thought I'd give it a try, especially given I'm trying to cut 92.7% of fries out of my diet (the remaining 7.3% is so none of you can say "I thought you were cutting out fries" if we go out for a meal and I wind up getting fries .  

My mom, who orders brushetta from a lot of places (its her standand go-too item if she does get a salad with chicken on top), really enjoyed her order and would definately get it again.

My burger (the "Leah Burger") was a cheese and bacon burger and was pretty good.  It certainly wasn't the best burger I ever ate, but it was hearty (at least 8, maybe 10 ounces) and had good, fresh toppings on it.  Having had burgers from a lot of places, I know it is easy to screw them up - and this one was good enough that I would order it again.  But the topper was the soup of the day - it was incredible and frankly twice as much as I would have expected to get.  I have ordered soups from pubs quite a lot over the years and you usually get such a small amount that I wind up feeling ripped off even if it is a good soup.  This soup was very delicious and would warrant a return trip on its own!  

This was only a single visit, but I liked everything from the service to the food to pretty good list of daily discounts, deals and promotions.., they have half price wings multiple times throughout the week, some drink discount days, a trivia night and the list goes on.

The Good: good service, decent food, abundant deals/promotions many of which interested me (also the super cute waitress)
The Bad: the interior was the same old same old and I always felt their chairs and general seating arrangements weren't great - also between the sun hitting the windows and their glossy, coloured menus, both my mom and I had a hard time reading the menus
The Ugly: from my single visit, I can't think of anything that fits this bill really

Please note that currently this review doesn't include a price versus overall experience comparison.  I did not factor price into my review because I was being treated to lunch by someone else and I can't even remember how much my burger cost.  My opinion could change on my next visit even if I had the same experience depending on the costs.
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March 27, 2017, 1:33am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

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Hawkeye and I recently visited this place, and while I can agree it's an improvement upon food poisoning, that's about all I can say.  We both ordered the roast beef dinner.  After waiting an exceptionally long time (several tables that came after us were already half into their dinners before ours arrived), we were presented with:
  • Soupy mashed potatoes.  Literally flat on the plate because it couldn't hold its shape.
  • Dense yorkshire pudding.  Take a gluten free muffin out of the freezer.  That was the consistency.  NOT light and airy like a croissant
  • Speaking of dense freezer muffins, the yorkshire pudding was frozen on the bottom!
  • Shaved roast beef, less tender than a TV Dinner
  • Corn (hard to mess that up)
  • Gravy, which was the highlight of the dish.  Poured that stuff over everything for flavour.

The Good: We were seated quickly
The Bad: Waiting so long for such a disappointment
The Ugly: Save yourself $30.  Go next door to Zehrs and buy 2 frozen dinners for $1.97 each.  Optionally heat before consuming.

Actually, the frozen dinner would be better, cuz it includes a brownie.  Both of the following pictures would be preferable:

Attachment: topviewroastbeeftvdinner29346026_7837.jpeg
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Attachment: stockphotoroastbeefdinnerwithyorkshirepuddingandindividualgravyboat46259041_3047.jpeg
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March 27, 2017, 7:37pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

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While I've never been there for the prime rib special on Friday nights, the Rabbid Fox (Cambridge location, though I've been to both) has become a staple for our lodge members when we visit our sister Lodge in Cambridge. The big draw is the $10 steak & fries dinner on Monday/Tuesday.  My first time there, I had no intention of even trying a $10 steak, but a couple of the guys vouched for it, and I have to say, I've probably never had a better steak at a restaurant for that price (the steak itself is probably 6oz, and a little on the tough side if you like it more cooked than rare/medium-rare, but fairly lean, very tasty... and $10). Their wings are great (2lbs for the price of one on Wednesdays - my favourite flavour is the 40-garlic-lemon pepper, or something like that), and their onion rings are worth trying.  Beyond that, I can't say I've tried anything else on the menu.
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