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CaliBurger is an imitator of the famous In-n-Out chain in the states.  So if you crave In-n-Out, CaliBurger will satisfy that craving.  Furthermore, they'll improve upon the original!  They have the same great mustard-fried taste, but slightly bigger patties, better fries, and alcoholic milk shakes!

Shabadu and I visited the Waterloo restaurant today for lunch.  The seating fills up fast, so have a plan B in case you can only order take-out.  The tables have charging stations for your phone, and there's a giant screen for you all to play a game together on.  Apparently that game could be Minecraft?

The Good: Mustard fried patties as tasty as In-n-Out.  Same "secret menu" options
The Bad: Deceptively filling!
The Ugly: Seating area seems full even with just a few customers

It's really odd.  I never craved In-n-Out until I tried it in San Fransisco earlier this year.  Now I do.  I'm glad we've got CaliBurger in Waterloo, and I will be going back.  Just a shame it's so close to Sonny's as those are my favourite and now I'll have to choose between them every time.

Their site: https://caliburger.com/
5 Ways CaliBurger is Better than In-n-Out: http://www.seattletimes.com/life/food-drink/5-ways-caliburger-is-better-than-in-n-out/

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