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Muchkin Marvel
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Munchkin is like Monopoly, in that almost anyone can play it and there's a million differently themed versions of it.  So it's no surprise that there's a Marvel comics version of Munchkin.  What is a surprise is how much the theme enhances the game!

I've grown almost numb to the myriad of Munchkin packs in the game store, but the thought of being a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, with Thor's hammer, Ironman's repulsors, and Hulk's rage, just seemed too good to pass up.  Yes, it's basically just another Munchkin, but here's the differences:
Original MunchkinMunchkin Marvel
Equipment - funny swords, armour, hats, etcEquipment - weapons and armour used by Marvel superheroes
Race - Elf,Dwarf,Human,GnomeAllegiance - Avengers, Inhumans, Spider-Friends
Class - Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Wizard-
Bonus Items - Potion, funny D&D reference to go up a level, etcOne Shot - Infinity Stone lets you dig through discards, Spider Sense avoids trap, etc
Curse! - Lose a turn, lose your headgear, etcTrap! - Lose a turn, lose your armour, etc
-Ally - Partner with a known super-hero to increase your effectiveness
-Powers - Add power ranks up to your level, giving you super human abilities
Super-Munchkin / Half-Breed - Allows multi-class / multi-race combosTeam-Up - Allows multiple allegiances and benefits

The Good: The artwork, theme, allies, and powers.  The character cards and counters are a nice addition as well!  It's a perfect fit
The Bad: Seems to take a lot longer to get past level 1 and 2
The Ugly: A lot of conditional modifiers means having to recalculate your strength with every combat

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