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Android Box for TV gets your home raided

If you're using an Android Box for TV, with services that let you watch content not freely available, you risk getting your home raided by the police.  link

1 BILLION phones compromised

There's a new exploit for Broadcom wifi (specifically BCM43xx series) that is in around a BILLION smart phones.  Android and iOS both use Broadcom for wifi.  Not only does this exploit let an attacker within broadcast range of a device execute unsigned code, but the device can be made to carry the malware and infect others within range.  link

When this goes live, it's going to be huge.  Glad I've still got my iPhone 4s which isn't on the list:

    * Samsung Galaxy from S3 through S8, inclusive
    * All Samsung Notes3. Nexus 5, 6, 6X and 6P
    * All iPhones after iPhone 5

Turbines Set Sail

Scotland launches the world's first set of floating wind turbines that can harness energy on the open sea. link

Ticks force Veganism

Lone Star Ticks carry a protein called Alpha Girl that cause humans to develop an allergic reaction to any red meat ( pork, beef, lamb, deer, moose etc.) There is no cure. Lone Star Ticks have been logged in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.link

Brown Brew

Random samples of iced coffee from major franchises show contamination from faecal matter. Improper washing and handling of ice is thought to be the cause. link

Think 2-Factor Authentication is Safe?

As a principle, 2-Factor (or multi-factor) authentication is better than just a password, unless one of the factors is inherently weak.  That is the case when it's a code being texted to your phone number.  link

Telcos are notoriously bad for customer service, and make it easy for criminals to "social engineer" your cell phone number to their phone, and then proceed to reset your passwords using the SMS code they receive.  That goes for email, banks, credit cards, etc.  Each factor of authentication is a new vector for attack, so services should never rely on just one to supersede another.

Facebook is Watching

I guess since the NSA does it, Facebook wants to as well.  They've filed for a patent to secretly watch users through their webcam. link

Sure, they say they'll never use the technology.

Sunscreen Burns Skin

Health Canada is investigating Banana Boat Sunscreen as several babies have received second degree burns. Images in article are graphic link

1.9 Million Bell subscriber records stolen

Are you a Bell subscriber?  There's a good chance your information has been stolen by a recent hack.  link

Be sure to change your passwords for your email, internet, and phone accounts (and of course anywhere that uses the same passwords).

Update Your Windows

There is a ransomware raging across the globe currently, known as some variant of WannaCry, using an NSA exploit to infect Windows computers.  This particular exploit was patched in March so if you have Windows updates pending, make sure to get them installed or you might just have to pay to recover your data.  link

HP is Listening

Got an HP laptop with Conexant audio drivers?  It may have been silently logging every keystroke, writing to a file, and publishing that via a network accessible API.  link .

Google Reinvents Toronto

Google, specifically Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs, is trying to reinvent Toronto "from the Internet up".  They're securing a 12-acre area downtown as part of the 2000 acres owned by "Waterfront Toronto".  link

Sidewalk Labs is best known for their ad-supported wifi kiosks in New York.  I wonder what they're planning for Toronto.

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