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diddly : FCC has voted (3-2) to roll back Net Neutrality laws.  ...
diddly : I've never liked HP.  This is just one more reason...
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HP Laptops found to have keyloggers

I've never liked HP.  This is just one more reason.  Since 2012 HP has shipped more than 460 models of laptops with keyloggers built in.

The full list is here:

So long Net Neutrality

Bah  >:(

Loblaws orders Tesla Trucks

In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, Loblaws is pre-ordering Tesla Trucks for their fleet.

Every Single Yahoo Account

Remember Yahoo had a breach back in 2013?  You may have thought your account was safe...  well, it wasn't.  It's been discovered that every single Yahoo account at the time was hacked.

Tom Petty

I know a number of us on here liked Tom Petty.  He passed away today after heart failure.

Twitter Doubles Your Length

The maximum length of your Tweets is being doubled from 140 characters to 280 characters.  I guess that will cut down on the number of multi-part tweets, but how long before they just remove the maximum (or make it sufficiently large as to be unlimited)?

The Less You Sleep, The Shorter Your Life

Sleep deprivation is on the rise, and it's shortening our lives.  Make sure you catch all your Zzzz's

Toys R Us Bankrupt

It's been going downhill for a while, and now Toys R Us has filed for Bankruptcy protection.  Apparently they've been saddled with a loan costing $500M/yr in interest alone.

Applaud or Smite

This has been a long-standing request by danmick here at Darkshade.  Now we can finally deliver!  You can now Applaud or Smite any post.  This also feeds into the total Karma for each poster.

You can't applaud your own posts though.

Equifax Facts

As you are likely aware, Equifax was hacked back in July and 143 million accounts were leaked.

They have kindly set up a web site for their customers to see if they were among the leaked accounts.  Before you check though, be warned that the terms and conditions explicitly waive your right to sue (or join a class action suit) against Equifax.  The company has actually lobbied to kill protections for victims of data breaches!

And although they claim not to have been aware, executives at Equifax dumped over a million dollars of their stock prior to announcing the breach.

New Forum is Live

Once this article reaches the front page, it means this new forum is live and the old forum is relegated to archival status.  It'll exist, but everything feeds from and points to the new forum.

If you're curious, the new forum software is called SMF (Simple Machine Forum).  I'm switching to it because the old software (e-Blah) had to be locked down because it couldn't handle the spammers.  SMF supports modern anti-spam technologies including Google's reCaptcha which you would've encountered while signing up.

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