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Firehouse Subs
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December 11, 2016, 11:23am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

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I tried the new Firehouse Subs on Fairway Rd. the other day, and I was quite impressed.  As I walked through the door, I was a little taken aback as all of the (eight or so) employees behind the counter greeted me at once with "Welcome to Firehouse!"  The guy who I assume was either the Manager, or (corporate?) Trainer asked me if I had been there before, and offered to give me an overview of the Firehouse experience.  Here are the highlights:
  • Meat is sliced to order in the kitchen, then steamed at the counter along with the cheese.  
  • Sub options are typical deli meats (ham, turkey, pastrami, roast beef, and a few combinations), as well as shaved steak, meatball, grilled chicken breast or veggie.
  • Staff were more than happy to make recommendations, and take the time to walk through options (it wasn't a busy time; the other customers had already been served).
  • Two sizes are offered: 8" (comes with 1/4 lb of meat) or 12" (1/2 lb of meat).
  • Each sub comes with its own recommended topping list, but can be fully customized. I got the Firehouse Beef and Cheddar Brisket, plus bacon, but swapped out the BBQ sauce for something less sweet. A+

Overall, the quality of the food reminds me of what Quizno's was like when they first opened, which is high praise from me. Add to that the fact that they have numerous options for sugar-free or reduced-calorie fountain drinks (I want to say maybe a dozen options, but maybe I was just blown away by the fact that they offer more than the typical Diet Coke or Coke Zero options - I mean, I didn't even know they made Diet Grape or Dietr Cherry Fanta!); it's safe to say I'll be back.

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December 24, 2016, 4:12pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

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Ha I ordered the same sub but with BBQ sauce. I'd give it an A+ for taste and experience

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